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An Interesting Article About Crafting a Mobile App

Have you ever tried the IPhone Application-Ridejoy. You can share your rides with friendly people by posting your rides. The most wonderful part of the design is the match between passengers and drivers. It is a great experience to take along some riders and get paid if you are a driver and have empty seats. Also, if you are a passenger, it is cool to find a ride using this application. Jason Shen, the co-founder of Ridejoy, posted an article- Crafting a Mobile App: a UX Design Case Study for Startups on his blog about the design process.  The design team identified three key challenges-encouraging posting, speeding up matches and facilitating arrangements. They learned lessons from the process which is valuable for us too.

  • Prototype test with real users is very important and helps them make decisions faster.
  • Play out the interaction models fully to truly understand how they are going to work.
  • Be perfect for the details and always gonna ship.

Please check it out by yourself. Thanks.



A Great Resource for Usability Career

I just found a website called UsabilityCounts which is created by Patrick Neeman, director of user experience at Jobvite. The website contains a lot of useful information especially for those who want to get a great job in user experience area. I was very excited when I found the website. You should go check it out yourself. Here is some lists of what I like.



A Nice List of Responsive Design

Recently responsive web design becomes more and more popular. We should redesign our website when bring them in line with smartphone and tablet. Here I found some wonderful collections of free WordPress themes with a responsive layout-15 Free WordPress Themes with a Responsive Layout.

You can view the demo and download for free. That is really cool! Also, we can pick up some basic techniques very quickly.

Have fun!:-)



An Informative Article About User Interface Design

I found an interesting and informative article written by Anastasios-User Interface Design, Getting the Basics Right. Here is the link.

As we are doing our big UR3 report, these key principles of user interface design will be very helpful. The author highlights four principles:

  • Visual Chunking: give interfaces a clean and consistent structure by visually separating areas that represent inherently different functionality.
  • Respect the Device: respect the idiosyncrasies of the device for which you are designing.
  • Remove the clutter, not the features.
  • Empathize with the user. Don’t make design decisions lightly.

By the way, I really like the Microsoft Word 2010 example and Apple Mail for OS X Lion example he used to illustrate his ideas.

Have fun!  Find important things we should bear in mind in these blogs!




I just found an interesting blog by Brad Feld The author, Brad Feld, is a co-founder of Foundry Group and TechStars. He has very rich experience in custom software applications and technology. In his articles, he uses many cases to show a possible future trend that might lead to equally large numbers of new technologies and products. Here is one of his rticle-Reflections On CES From A Perspective Of The Future He says that three trends have accelerated: tablets, television apps platforms, and new kinds of input. He has a really good point about feedback and responsiveness. That is, voice and gesture recognition will be very important and any delay in voice and visual feedback will worsen user experience. He thinks that the evolution of the multi-device, multi-screen, multi-user future is amazingly interesting. They’re helping to invent that future and always looking for hackers, program managers, and experienced engineering leads. If we pay more attention to these areas, we will get a good job!

An interesting Blog-Feld Thoughts