About Me

I am a PhD student in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. I majored in Mass Media in 2006 and obtained a Master’s degree in 2012 from Department of Media Technology and Art at Harbin Institute of Technology, China’s premier technical university.

My research interest lies in the field of cognitive, affective and behavioral processes involved in computer-mediated communication. Interactive media revolutionizes the way we think, live, work, study, play and communicate. As a result, I not only see myself as a game designer and programmer, but someone who can use what she makes to advance the world. While valuing the importance of modeling and details, I have learned to attach more and more importance to traditional methods such as critical analysis, observation, subjective reporting, and questionnaires to assess the effects of interactive digital media.

Here is where I can write about some interface design, usability and HCI issues that interest me. I’ll be sharing my thoughts,feelings and experiences from time to time as I tour with my books. Really enjoy reading, reflecting and commenting these things! I’ll also be doing a better job at keeping my calendar updated.


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  1. Jason

    September 2, 2012 at 12:41 pm



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