An Important Usability Issue of Purdue Recreation Sports Website

10 Dec

In the final report, I found that many important issues were caused by unclear information and missing of important words. They confused users and made them very uncomfortable. When we design the interface, a very important point is making each link clear and clickable. Use proper link names and keep them consistency. I don’t like the website for Purdue Recreational Sports because of the misinterpretation of link names.

For example, when I click Fitness Centers in the Facilities menu, I go to this page.

first page

When I click Indoor Facilities in the Facilities menu, I also get the same page just like before.


Why the designers use two links to show the same information? It is redundancy of links. We can use indoor facilities as the link name instead of both.

This is not the only problem of link redundancy. Here is another same issue.

Equipment and Sales and Rental link to the same page.



I think maybe the designer was so careless that he used the same content in two different links.  Since the problem is very easy to solve, I really suggest the designer could delete the unnecessary links.

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