3D Wireframes Are The Future

09 Dec

3D is now very popular and we have seen many 3D in websites. A effective prototype should be created if we want to conduct a user study of 3D website. How can we mock up the system with high fidelity? 3D wireframes is a good way to present that and the next generation in UX must be 3D wireframes.

3D wireframes can display the objects using 3D points which embed z-coordinates inside the Shape field. They can display shadows and depth of the items which is different from 2D wireframe mode. 3D wireframes take the advantage of 3D models which is more flexible, have greater depth and make your prototype stand out. They have high fidelity prototypes which can simulate the real product realistically. These are useful for conducting user study and usability testing.


These days, it is not very difficult to develop high-fidelity prototype  even though you know nothing about a programming language. There are a variety of simulation tools to choose and allow non-technical UX designers to create their product without coding. We can use AutoCAD Illustrator or other graphic tools to create 3D wireframes.  It is very effective when we match 3D wireframes to a reference model. We don’t need to spend many hours on a very detailed and complex mockup. Just shape the outline and simply the model. The 3D wireframes will be changed sooner or later. It is not a good idea to perfect it.


We can print 2D wireframes very easily with a printer. How can we print our 3D wireframes? The 3D printer! They are becoming more and more common place in medical field. It is obvious to see that 3D printers will be more  widely used in user experience area. It offers new abilities in design and technology. We can print a real, tangible, three-dimensional object and make a reference. There are a lot of things for us to explore and the future is here!


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