The Future of User Interface Design

07 Dec

User interfaces are everywhere: on mobile phones, websites, television, washing machine, etc. We have seen a lot of revolution in technology in 2012. So what will 2013 bring? What will the interface be like in 2013?

Focus more on users

No matter how creative the future interface will be, it always focuses on what users need. The goal of user interface design is to satisfy most users and make the interaction more simple and intuitive. In the future, our designers should conduct more detailed research on potential users.  Reveal issues and opportunities, identity users’ needs and experience, and then generate new ideas or insight.


More smart

IPhone is smart.  Kinect is smart. They know too much about us. The GUI can obtain information from the individual and don’t make user think. In my opinion, these wizards can collect information from us automatically with 100 percent accuracy in the future. That means we will get rid of extensive user input. We don’t need to spend time in switching between screens. So cool! They can capture our emotions and voices. They will communicate with users naturally and instantly.


Rich interaction and customizations

There are many types of user interfaces and we need to explore more in the future.  For example, users can hack a wearable computer with a heads-up display. The new tech can recognize people’s body language and voice. They save a lot of things in memory and know what we like and dislike to help us make better choice. Moreover, there is a new trend of intelligent wear- neural based interfaces. We can tweet, post even send emails in the brain. What an amazing future! The new tech covers various augmented reality and data visualization technology. Machine will be part of our life and behaves just like our hands, feet and even brain.


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