Class Reflection of The Usability Report Presentation

07 Dec

The final usability report is a huge project and we spent a lot of time and effort on this report. We made a specific plan for the test- define each task, design questionnaires, install instruments, recruit participants and so on. We did pilot study twice and modified our test procedure again and again. During the formal test, we observed users’ behaviors carefully, did some short interviews and recorded all the metrics. After that, we analyzed our data and then identified 13 usability problems. Three are very critical problems, five have medium severity and five are minor problems.  Because we have a lot of things to be included in the final report, it has more than 100 slides. Hopefully, Dr. V , this will not push you over the

Our presentation went smoothly. I found all our presentation skills have been greatly improved. We know how to present our idea effectively. Use one slide for one idea. Pick the most critical things. Keep it simple and clear. Time is limited and we can not waste even one second for unnecessary information.

Moreover, I learned a lot of things from other groups.

  1. The first group did a perfect job and it is very interesting to ask users some website experience analysis questions. Do you feel belonging on this website and what makes you feel that? Do you feel inspired on the website and what makes you feel that? I’d like to think more about WEA in the future research.
  2. The presentation of the second group impressed me a lot because of their slides. Beautiful design and layout! A clear and effective interface! It was a user-centered presentation and made me comforting. A good looking slide that rocks! Pay more attention to the creation of each slide.
  3. There are many questions overlapped between the third group and our group. However, the results from the data are totally different.  We use different methodology, different subjects and different metrics. That’s why we got different answers. The demographic of participants is critical for a scientific research. We should recruited a criterion sample of participants who are mostly appropriate representatives of potential user.
  4. The fourth group recruited nine participants. Great job! Their findings are different from ours too. But we identified some common issues. For example, the PDF file of CGT MS handbook is too hard to read. The separate menus on the right and middle areas confuse users. A drop down menu will be more helpful. Using screenshots to present issues and recommendations is clear and effective. Love that so much!
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