Some Bad Design Examples of Login Forms

02 Dec

Logging into website is a very usual way for us in daily life. It has been part of our daily routine. However, some login forms often frustrate me and make me confused.  For a clear and user-friendly interface, these login forms should be redesigned. I list three bag design examples. All the three websites are very familiar for us and we need to log into them almost every day.

Purdue Federal Login Form

Everytime when I log into my Purdue Federal account, I feel very uncomfortable because the login form separates user name and password. First, I need to enter my user name and click login.

purdue fed

Then I arrive at the web page which asks me to enter my password.

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 10.43.36 PM

I understand that the designer wants to verify users’ names before they enter their password. However, this interface is very inconvenient for a customer who frequently uses the website just like me. For a member who usually logins his or her account every other day, it is a small probability event to forget the username. Login Form

I love Amazon and buy things from the website regularly.  However, I don’t like its login form. The problem is that there is a sign in button for customers who already has an Amazon account and a start here link for new customer in the drop down menu of sign in your account. However, when I click sign in, first the webpage requires me to enter my email address and then it asks me a question: do you have an password? The radio buttons below the question grasp my attention. I need to make a choice between a new customer and a returning customer. I don’t know why the designer makes such a simple login form so complicated. As an old friend of Amazon, whenever I click sign in button, I don’t want to see the option and make a choice because I have already registered. Instead of using radio button option, I think a secondary sign up button can be considered.  As a user-centered design, ease of use is critical for users. Just make things easy for us to do that.  Remove distractions, any unnecessary fields or whatever confused stuff.



Comcast Login Form

I still remember the first time I paid my Internet fee. I am so frustrated and annoyed just because I can not find the login page! I think there should be a menu or link or button of signing in but there is nothing like that.  Am I stupid or the website is stupid? The blue navigation menu is prominent so I hovered my mouse and looked for the keyword such as pay, register, and login. However, the top menu is all about their products and service. Even the customer menu doesn’t have a login form.  Accidentally I moved my eyes toward the upper top of the page and found another white menu. Thus I clicked my account and found the login form.


I also noticed that when I scrolled down, there was a sitemap at the bottom of the page.


I think the login form is very important for the customers who use Comcast. Why not use clean and concise field labels to present the form? It can help users to access their account more quickly and easily. Making users feel comfortable is always a goal for a website designer. So we need to constantly ask what we can do to make users achieve their goal more simple and efficient. By doing so, we can get high rates and more users.


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2 responses to “Some Bad Design Examples of Login Forms

  1. Mihaela

    December 5, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    I love your reviews of details such as these. I’d advise, however, that you block out your banking user name from the screen shot.

  2. cgt512chenguo

    December 6, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Nice suggestion! Thanks. Have changed it!


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