An Interesting Article About Crafting a Mobile App

27 Nov

Have you ever tried the IPhone Application-Ridejoy. You can share your rides with friendly people by posting your rides. The most wonderful part of the design is the match between passengers and drivers. It is a great experience to take along some riders and get paid if you are a driver and have empty seats. Also, if you are a passenger, it is cool to find a ride using this application. Jason Shen, the co-founder of Ridejoy, posted an article- Crafting a Mobile App: a UX Design Case Study for Startups on his blog about the design process.  The design team identified three key challenges-encouraging posting, speeding up matches and facilitating arrangements. They learned lessons from the process which is valuable for us too.

  • Prototype test with real users is very important and helps them make decisions faster.
  • Play out the interaction models fully to truly understand how they are going to work.
  • Be perfect for the details and always gonna ship.

Please check it out by yourself. Thanks.



One response to “An Interesting Article About Crafting a Mobile App

  1. Mihaela

    December 5, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    good find!


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