21 Oct

As regular readers of this site DealMoon, a lot of discount information is drawing me there. The website is not very beautiful and lack of bright color and movement, but it is very usable and simple for me to hang around. I enjoy the ride on the site even if it is not very appealing.

The first impression of the homepage is very positive and it is the key to conveying the quality of the site. The site name and logo is nice and prominent. The purpose of the website is explicitly stated through the use of tagline Deals and Coupons for Family.

Once we arrived at this page, we can easily figure out what to do here. The homepage is a directory of the site’s main content areas. With a very clear information architecture and matching navigation tools, it serve as an entry point for deal information in the U.S.—a summary of most important news or promotions.

There is a headline on the home page. The most important parts, the key topic areas, are presented in order of importance and are easy to scan. These elements on the homepage which are placed above the fold immediately attract the attention of users.

There is a prominent search feature box right on top of the home page. It is very useful for users to find what they need.

Navigation remains a priority in the web. The site offers easy access to some highlighted categories. When we move our mouse to the position of a category, the menu pops up and we can make a choice.

In order to receive deal information in time, we can click instant deal alerts and subscribe our email and specified keywords. Then we will not miss a deal!

There are many deep linking in the site. Deep linking enables other sites to point users to the exact spot on the website which is of interest to those users. Once arriving at a concrete deal page, you can see the basic information about the deal such as the name of the deal, the name of the merchant who ran the deal, and the location of the deal. You can also leave a comment or share it!

Additionally, there are some usability issues on the site. For instance, it should not mix the current deal information with expired information. While looking for sales, I actually need the latest information not outdated one which is useless to me. It really annoys me and feels very uncomfortable.

Also, given that huge amount of information, it should be sorted by some categories such as from low to high, from high to low or customer reviews. I think it will provide better user experience which would greatly increase the viscosity and user loyalty.


DealMoon Website-A Good Design Example

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One response to “DealMoon Website-A Good Design Example

  1. Mihaela

    October 24, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Nice analysis, very thorough.


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