Reading Reflections of Week 8

14 Oct

Reading Materials: UxB ch4, 6 & Cooper ch 5, 6

I have learned a lot of useful things after reading these chapters. The UX book Chapter 4 talked about how to analyze and interpret qualitative data to understand the work context. The Chapter 6 focused on understanding design-informing models after extracting requirements. Compared with UX book, Cooper illustrated the data analysis process with more emphasis on persona, scenarios and requirements. He also stressed that our design is goal-oriented and we should create a clear picture of users and their respective goals. Based on the knowledge, I have created a table to better illustrate the major similarities and difference between these key concepts.

To put all these concepts and methods in order is helpful for me to promote my understanding of the essence of knowledge. Hopefully we can do much better on our second report!


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2 responses to “Reading Reflections of Week 8

  1. Mihaela

    October 17, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    I love the way you’ve organized the concepts visually.


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